Recumbent Trikes

More and more people each year are discovering how Triking is a fun, easy, emission-free way to keep fit. TerraTrikes offer a great view of the scenery and an immediate relief from the aches and pains of traditional bicycles.

They are great at replacing your car on short trips while laughing at gas prices. They are well respected in traffic due to their curious shape, and they are easy to transport on traditional bike racks or on a TerraTrike specific hitch rack. TerraTrikes have a comfort level and a cool factor that cannot be denied. Treat yourself to a test ride today, and be part of the solution.

The Rover

A revolution in triking. The Rover has introduced more people to triking than any other recumbent trike on the market. Click for more info.


A trike anyone can take anywhere. The new Traveler is a folding trike designed to be compact and portable while retaining the quality and comfort that makes our trikes such a joy to ride. Click for more info.


Ramble on. The Rambler has the same high seat and simple frame geometry as the Rover, but with many upgrades for riders who want to go faster and farther. Click for more info.

Tour II

Long distance is the best distance. The Tour II is designed to take you as far as you can go, and then farther still. Click for more info.


Performance redefined. The Sportster brings out the athlete in all of us and is the perfect blend of performance and usability. Click for more info.


TerraTrikes built for two. Our tandems are a safe and easy way to enjoy trail riding with a loved one or friend. Click for more info.


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