Scott’s obsession with light weight is visible throughout our entire range of road bikes, which are made to meet the needs of professional and recreational cyclists alike. Whether producing one of the lightest production frames on the market, pioneering aerodynamic efficiency, or engineering a uniquely comfortable frame design, Scott does not spare any effort to create the best bike for every ridding style.


The Scott Metrix allows you the freedom to ride the road without looking like you’re out to win the Tour de France. Its comfortable flatbar road geometry results in a smooth and affordable ride to get you where you are going. Click for more info.


The Scott Speedster features shape optimized double butted Alloy tubing and a race proven geometry that provides an aerodynamic advantage. The Speedster boasts F01 racing characteristics at a fraction of the cost. Click for more info.


The Scott CR1’s IMP Carbon frame offers the perfect balance of performance and comfort at a more affordable price point. Designed to save the rider from shock and vibration, the CR1 is the ideal choice for the enthusiast who wants to enjoy long rides but doesn’t want to feel beat up at the end of the day. Click for more info.


The Solace has been designed to offer a comfortable ride without sacrificing immediate power transfer and direct handling abilities. To achieve this, Scott engineers designed a bike that consists of two specific “zones” that improve the comfort and power transfer characteristics of the Solace – the comfort zone and the power zone. However, it doesn’t stop there: the Solace offers and endurance-optimized geometry that allows for a more comfortable riding position on the bike and countless hours in the saddle without any discomfort. Click for more info.


Born from the synthesis of professional racing and a light weight obsession, the Addict is a true race bike with the right balance of aggressive geometry, overall system weight and abundant power transfer. The original Addict tipped the scales at 790g and at the time no other frame came close to this benchmark. The new frameset weighs less than 1000g, is 8% lighter than its predecessor and makes no compromises along the way. It’s a flawless climber, a textbook road racer and light enough to tempt the weight weenie in all of us. Click for more info.


The new Foil features the same lightweight frame characteristics as its predecessor and is amongst the lightest aero bikes on the market. The frame aerodynamics of the bike have been reworked from the headtube all the way to the rear dropouts, stiffness and comfort values have been lifted to a new level and the integrated cockpit shows how far component integration has been taken on the new Foil. Click for more info.


The Plasma 5 was deigned to enable an aerodynamic fusion between rider and bike. Be it an aerodynamic frame design that takes into consideration the interaction between a moving rider and his bike, an ergonomically and purpose driven handlebar that offers a wide range of adjustability or the practical implementation of nutrition storage, the Plasma 5 takes extra steps to make bike and rider one. Click for more info.

Information and image courtesy of Scott Horizontal