Basic Tune up – $65

Our basic tune up will take care of any minor problems your bike may be experiencing and get you back on the road rolling smoothly and looking clean!

  • Inspect frame, fork, and all parts for cracks or worn out items
  • Adjust brakes and derailleurs
  • Lube chain, cables, and all pivot points
  • Adjust bearing tolerance on headset, bottom bracket, & hubs
  • True wheels and inflate tires
  • Inspect and tighten all bolts on bike

Major Tune up – $120

Our major tune up takes the next step to make sure your bike comes back to you even cleaner and better running than ever!

Everything included in the basic tune up as well as:

  • Remove and clean brakes, derailleurs, chain, cassette and chainrings
  • Clean frame, fork and rims
  • Brake and derailleur cables included

Complete Overhaul – $180

Our complete overhaul will take care of any problems your bike may have, and takes the cleanup to the next level! Nothing is left untouched in this service.

In addition to the major tune up:

  • Bicycle is completely disassembled
  • Frame is degreased, cleaned and treated
  • Overhaul all bearing (headset, hubs and bottom bracket)

Bike Service Pick up and Delivery

Can’t bring your bike in for repair? We pick up and deliver bikes for just a $25 transportation fee within 10 miles of the shop.

Call us for more information or to schedule your pick-up today!  (260) 420-3962