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Bike Depot: 260-420-3962  
Downtown Bike Hub: 260-206-6906

Located in the parking garage of the Skyline building on the corner of Berry and Harrison Street is downtown Fort Wayne’s bike locker. The locker offers 24hr pin code access, automatic doors, and emergency battery back up. Consider it the Fort Knox of bikes. Want to hit the road by bike without lugging it up to your apartment each time? Want to commute but afraid that your bike might be stolen?

Sign up for a membership at our Fort Wayne Outfitters Bike Hub location just across from the YMCA, in fact if you are a YMCA member your locker rate is discounted. If you are not a YMCA member and you would like to commute with our YMCA shower/locker room access we would be happy to sign you up. Locker users have free use of the bike pump located inside the bike locker and other perks throughout the year.

Please stop by Fort Wayne Outfitters Bike Hub to set up your account and pick out your locker spot from one of the 150 spots available.

Locker Rates

YMCA Members

  • 10$/month
  • 100$/year


  • 15$/month
  • 150$/year

Commuter Membership

  • 25$/year
  • 250$/year

Rates for the Bike Hub-Bike Locker are for one bike, we recommend providing your own lock inside the bike locker.

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