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Bike Depot: 260-420-3962  
Downtown Bike Hub: 260-206-6906

Can I download and print my rental waiver?

Yes! Since 2007, Fort Wayne Outfitters has provided quality river trips for thousands of people with an excellent safety record. Still, any river adventure will involve inherent risks and dangers, and can be physically demanding. We ask you to assume the responsibility for many decisions affecting your safety.

Download a Paddlesport Waiver or Bike Rental Waiver.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes! We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also like cash. We clock your time and collect payment when you return (based on how long you were out).

Is there a late fee?

Yes, a $10 late charge per rental bike/boat will be charged starting at 8:01 p.m. sharp as well as an additional $10 bike/boat per rental for every 1-2 hours thereafter.

Do I need a reservation?

Walk-ins are welcome. Most of our guests are walk-ins and we are able to accommodate them on a “first come, first served” basis. We have ample amounts of watercraft and transportation vehicles, however, there may be some unavoidable delays due to heavy volume at key times, especially on weekends! To avoid disappointment, please make a reservation in advance.

Is a security deposit required?

We hold on to either a credit card or a valid ID throughout the duration of your rental. However, we will not charge anything until you return.

Do you have lockers?

No. We have a changing room available for customers to change. We strongly suggest keeping valuables at home or secured in your car out of sight. We can hold your keys at the counter. Small dry bags are available to rent for $3 to keep cameras or wallets dry and safe while on the water.

Can I bring a cooler? What about alcohol?

Coolers are welcome! We don’t regularly check coolers, however, we do reserve the right to inspect coolers and other bags taken on a river trip.

We also strongly discourage the use of alcohol in any of our rental equipment or vehicles. We love sober paddlers! It is against the law to operate a watercraft while intoxicated. Additionally, Fort Wayne Outfitters reserves the right to turn away any guest at any time, who appears to be intoxicated, with no refund issued.

Do I need to wear a life jacket?

We provide paddles and life preservers for each renter. Adults are not required to wear them, however, they must remain in the boat at throughout the duration of a rental. Renters 15 years and younger are required by law to wear a life jacket.

Can my child rent a boat?

Minors 13-16 years of age may rent their own boat kayak, canoe or SUP only if a parent or guardian is on the water and will be next to the minor for the duration of the rental.

Minors age 16-17 may kayak, canoe or SUP without a parent being on the water, but MUST have a parent or legal guardian sign the rental waiver.

Do you have canoes that seat three people?

Yes, we do! However, for your safety the middle seat of the canoe is reserved for renters under 80 lbs. and/or children under 10 years of age.

Do you offer deals for frequent visitors?

Yes, we do! You might be interested in our seasonal packages if you paddle frequently. Check out our seasonal rates for more information.

Can I bring my own boat?

Yes, we allow people to use our dock! Just please be courteous of our renters.

Do you deliver bikes and boats?

Yes, reservations are required. Standard rental rates apply in addition to the following livery rates:

  • Under 5 miles: $10/rental ($20/non-rental)
  • 5-10 miles: $15/rental ($25/non-rental)
  • 10+ miles: $3/each additional mile

Can I take a rental bike or boat off-site?

Yes, as long as you have adequate transportation, we offer haul-it-yourself rentals. Canoes, kayaks SUPs and/or bikes may be rented for a 24 hour period or longer.

Do you offer storage for my own boat?

Yes! You can store your kayak, canoe or SUP for $195/year, $145/6 months, or $45/month. Call us for more information at 260-420-3962.

Do you rent child bike trailers?

Yes! $8/hour, $20/half day and $32/full day.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, you can bring your pet along, depending on the size of the animal. Please do keep in mind that dogs tend to throw off the balance in the center of your boat, which increases your chances of tipping over.

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